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 Researcher and research organisations have free access to a Europe wide customised assistance service offered by the EURAXESS Service Network. More than 200 centres in 40 countries assist them (as well as researchers' family) in all matters relating to their professional and daily life, including information on entry conditions, legal issues, social security, health and taxes, everyday life as well as family support.
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Corina Abraham-Barna
E-mail: abraham-barna @ uex-usamvbt.org
Tel:+40 256 277 080

See our EURAXESS project ImpactE: http://www.impacte.eu/ 
ImpactE is a EURAXESS 7FP project focused on the successful professional and social integration of the researchers into a new environment. Amongst the obstacles to international mobility cultural differences are the most invisible and not the easiest to overcome as they are based on non-material factors, which differ from other matters like getting a visa or a place to stay.
Universities and research institutions from 8 European countries united their efforts to:
ImpactE target groups
ImpactE project will simultaneously target three groups of stakeholders:
ImpactE activities
Thereare planned several key activities for implementation of the  ImpactE project goals:
- See more at: http://www.impacte.eu/about-impacte#sthash.nhyiKaga.dpuf

 ImpactE Partners
ImpactE Coordinator

Universite De Liege, Belgium - CoordinatorUniversité de Liège, Belgium


ImpactE Other Partners

Institute of Technology and Development Foundation, BulgariaInstitute of Technology and development, Bulgaria

http://www.impacte.eu/sites/default/files/logounidurham-new.pngDurham University, United Kingdom
Universitatea De Stiinte Si Medicina veterinara a Banatului din Timisoara, RomaniaUniversitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara a Banatului Timisoara, Romania
Universite De Poitiers, FranceUniversité de Poitiers, France 
Bar Ilan University, Israel Bar-Ilan University, Israel


Associate Partners

Epigeum Ltd, United Kingdom Epigeum Ltd, United Kingdom

The Research Council of Norway, Norway The Research Council of Norway, Norway 
University of Copenhagen International Staff Mobility Unit, DenmarkUniversity of Copenhagen International Staff Mobility Unit, Denmark 



Vitae, United Kingdom - SubcontractorVitae, United Kingdom 


BUASVM Training for Mobile Researchers, 26-27  November 2014: http://www.impacte.eu/buasvm-training-mobile-researchers#overlay-context=buasvm-training-mobile-researchers

Facilitators/ Speakers

·         Managing an international research team - Isabelle HalleuxUniversité de Liège, Belgium
This module covered different aspects of the selected topic :
  1. What is a research team, an international research team, a university research team ?
  2. How to establish a research team, proceed to an international recruitment ?
  3. What about the role of the leader, considering research activities, collaborating aspects, sharing and capitalisation of information and knowledge ? 
  4. Considering the different cultures, languages, ways of life ? How to deal with problems?
·         Academic Networking - Jean-Marie PINCEMINUniversité de Poitiers, France
Module coverage:
  1. We'll question the nature of networks, see what is specific about academic networking and gather examples of good practices to be successful at networking.
  2. Of course, we'll study the value of social networking platforms and create LinkedIn profiles for the trainees.
  3. We'll also take stock of the limits and drawbacks of networking.
·         Research integrity - Lowry McCombDurham University, United Kingdom. Research integrity material included - Epigeum Ltd, United Kingdom 
Before the workshop, participants have beeen asked to work through one of the Epigeum modules on research integrity. The suite of Epigeum modules includes separate courses for natural sciences, social science, arts & humanities, engineering and biomedical sciences. Participants will be asked to work through the course that is most appropriate for their research discipline. It is expected that a participant will need to spend about half a day working through this material. All participants will be provided with access to the Durham University virtual learning environment where these modules are hosted.
The participants will then attend a half day workshop where they will apply the knowledge they have gained by working through the on-line material by means of facilitated discussion using appropriate case studies. The case studies will be tailored to the discipline mix of participants.
Participants will be encouraged to continue their exploration of research integrity after the half-day workshop by using on-line social media.
Target Group - incoming researchers
Photos: http://www.impacte.eu/buasvm-training-mobile-researchers-2013

EURAXESS Rights provides all information regarding the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. 
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Human Resources Excellence in Research
The European Charter and Code for Researchers
Charter & Code Endorsements
The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R)
Declaration of endorsement of Charter & Code in BUASVM Timisoara

 EURAXESS Links provides interactive web services to European researchers working abroad in order to keep them linked among themselves and with Europe.
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