The Faculty of Agriculture within the BUASVM „King Michael I of Romania” in Timisoara has a tradition of over forty years in the Romanian academic environment. Since its establishment in 1945 until today, the Faculty of Agriculture has established itself as a standard institution, which has developed progressively in line with the evolution of scientific knowledge and of society as a whole. Until 1989, the faculty functioned with the specialization Agriculture alone; the others were established later, in response to the needs of Romanian agriculture, as well as for the purpose of meeting the demands of the knowledge-based society. Currently, the faculty functions with the following specializations: Agriculture, Plant Protection, Managing Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry, Biology, Environmental Engineering and Protection in Agriculture, Land measurements and cadastre, Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry.

After the Second Vienna Award, the Faculty of Agriculture in Cluj took refuge in Timisoara, where it functioned within the Polytechnical School. On July 30, 1945, King Mihai I (Michael) passed Act 617 to establish the Faculty of Agronomy in Timisoara, which may be deemed its ”birth certificate”. On this occasion, the faculty was granted a number of farms: Timisoara, Ceala-Arad, Voiteni, Teremia Mare.

Following the 1948 Education Reform, the Agronomic Institute in Timisoara was established and it functioned under this name, in different configurations, until 1990. Later on, the Institute acquired, in addition to the Faculty of Agronomy, a Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

Currently, the educational and research activities of the Faculty are organised in four departments:

I: Agricultural Technologies

II: Sustainable Development and Environmental Engineering

III: Soil Sciences

IV: Biology and Plant Protection

Within this faculty, there are seven study programmes where students are trained in day courses and distance learning (the latter is available in Agriculture and Environmental Protection and Engineering in Agriculture). Studies have a 4 year span (3 years in the case of Biology). Following the graduation exam, graduate students are granted the title of "Bachelor of Science in Engineering" (for the majors: Agriculture, Plant Protection, Managing Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry; Environmental Engineering and Protection in Agriculture; Geodesy and Cadastre; Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry) and "Bachelor in Biology" (for the major Biology).

Graduates are given the opportunity to continue their studies in the master study cycle, which includes seven study programmes: Organic farming, Sustainable technologies for field crops, Management of sistematic registration in the context of rural development, Sustainable use of agricultural land, Biology applied to agriculture, Environmental and natural resource management, Phytosanitary expertise and protection. Studies may be continued in the doctoral school, which has a 3 year span and a scientific title is obtained as a Ph.D. in Agronomy.
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