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1. Mission:

The formation of agricultural engineers able to design and implement technologies for agricultural crops specific to the conditions existing in different areas, so as to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

2. Objectives:


The mission of the BUASVM Timisoara is educational, scientific, and consultant. The main concern is to train future agricultural specialists at a very high scientific and technological level. Therefore, the curriculum and the subject analytical programmes target the professional training required in agricultural institutions, farms, city halls, Agencies for Environmental and Plant Protection, Chambers of Agriculture, consultancy services, education and research, or graduates may become experts in the field.

At the same time, we aim at training students in scientific research activities in the field-related areas, including those employed on a contract basis, with a view to acquiring research methodology skills, bringing in extra-budget income to support faculty laboratories and equipment. Agricultural research, aiming the assessment of environmental impact, represents present and future activities which will involve numerous specialists trained in the field of environmental engineering. Another mission of the Faculty is the continuous education offered to graduates through Master and PhD programmes, as well as supporting students to obtain study and / or work grants at prestigious universities abroad, companies and public institutions in the field or in private farms;

3. Study subjects


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The specialization Agriculture has duration of 4 years for both full time and distance learning.

Graduates obtain the diploma and title of Bachelor of Science in Engineering.

The specialization for day courses has been approved by governmental decree HG 966/2011, and distance learning has been authorized provisionally by HG 676/2007.

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