Idea of ​​founding a Faculty of Horticulture in Banat has existed since the 60s of last century, but it was materialized only in 1990.

     In a short period, based on a core of teachers and researchers from prestigious horticultural already in the universe, able to take education and research activities as well as a basic material that could provide a good start, faculty offer diversified academic background in a relatively short time, establishing November 3 specializations specializations nomenclature absolutely unique in the country, the peak areas of biological sciences and horticulture: Genetic  engineering  in agriculture (1991), Landscape architecture (1998 ) and Forestry (2002).

       The decision of establishing a horticultural college in Banat proved to be a realistic option, because this area is particularly favorable horticultural plants and there is very good tradition in their cultivation.

       This Faculty of Horticulture and Forestry certifies that it has gained recognition and appreciation in the country and not only has the right to stand equally with other faculty in the country. Its future is under the imperative needs of integration and affirmation in Europe. It is a long, hard and large, which requires deep structural changes on curriculum, professional skills of teachers, development of scientific research, of the material and, last but not least, the mentality. Success depends only on the extent and speed with which those who serve and will serve, will act consistently and efficiently.

        In academic year 2014 - 2015, students can choose from the following specializations:

             - Horticulture;

             - Genetic engineering in agriculture;

             - Landscape architecture;

             - Forestry.

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